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Yvonne Gensurowsky

Based in san jose

Creative Consultant - User Experience/ Innovation / Brand Design

Creative Consultant at

Innovation/User Exp/Brand

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What students say

"Yvonne is awesome, she was helpful and very quick with her feedback. She was always available to address any problem I had and she was flexible and communicative when we had to schedule our skype sessions. It was incredibly valuable working with her!"

- Camilla M, Branding

"Yvonne was excellent! Easily the best mentor I've had on DesignLab. She gave me resources to look at, more readings, and communicated to me outside of DesignLab for advice I was looking for."

- Kevin B, Branding

"Yvonne was phenomenal! She went above and beyond to ensure that I had great feedback and understood the concepts. I am really glad I had her as a mentor."

- Rosario V, Design 101

Past Students

Camilla M.



Rosario V.

Design 101

Oakland, CA

Kevin B.