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Tony Naccarato

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah

Product designer at Pluralsight with a passion for technology and making it more enjoyable and easier for people to use.

Product Designer at


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What students say

"Insightful, caring, funny, relatable, genuine, and incredibly smart. Tony is a person who met me where I was at. He asked me what my goals were and kept checking in on me. He always asked about how I was doing and always made time to hear my challenges and wins. Tony was a voice of reason when I was overthinking or overwhelmed. His perspective grounded me when I needed re-direction or encouragement. Tony had a well-balanced approach to guidance in pinpointing areas of growth/focus and allowing me to find my own answers. This helped create my personal/professional growth and self-trust in my own decisions. Besides giving great, professional, and purposeful feedback, Tony was an approachable person to talk to. Many times, mentors or bosses will keep a power difference between them and their mentees/workers, but I didn't feel any of this with Tony which I really appreciated. His genuine personality made me feel safe to connect with him. I felt like he cared about me and my growth. He voiced his insight in a kind and gentle manner. He is a great human being and I am so grateful I was paired with him. *You're awesome, Tony! Thank you for everything!*"

- Moon M, Design 101

Past Students

Moon M.

Design 101

Robbinsdale, MN

Zachary .

Design 101


Anthony B.

Design 101


Rhonda S.

Design 101


Farina K.

Design 101

Berkeley, California

Andy M.

Design 101


Dan G.

Design 101