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“I'm so fortunate and grateful to have Toni as my mentor. She helped me enhance my work by providing in-depth feedback in a timely manner. And most importantly, she helped me push my approach on my projects by collaborating and asking me the right questions. She's knowledgeable, insightful, supportive, approachable, and so easy to work with! I could not have asked for a better mentor!”

- Haifa V, UX Academy

“Toni is collaborative and will work out any issues with you. She is kind and considerate to your needs. I only have good things to say about Toni. She provides valuable feedback. I believe my project in Design 101 really bloomed with her insights and advice.”

- Vanna L, Design 101

“Toni was great at accommodating my busy schedule and making time for me and our sessions even though they were out of her initial times given. Toni was super easy to get along with, and gave great feedback and tips on what I could do to get better. She wasn't afraid to tell me how it is, which is always appreciated.”

- Sean D, Design 101

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