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Sotiria Laina

Based in Athens

I work as a freelancer designing websites, logos, branding materials

UX/UI Designer

Recent Work

What students say

"Sotiria was a great mentor. She helped me with my career doubts, with theory and concepts, and she helped me see design, user interface and user experience in a new way. She always gave me meaningful feedback which helped me to be more critical of my work and to become better each week. She was also kind and energetic, which made it a pleasure to Skype every Sunday :)"

- Anne G, Design 101 v1

"Sotiria was a great mentor, she made sure to check that I understood the feedback she gave me and asked what I thought about it. She was always timely and communicated well. I learned a lot from her!"

- Nikita C, Design 101 v1

"Sotiria has been an amazing mentor. She has patiently guided me through the course, providing numerous valuable resources and examples exceeding the course material. She has given me thorough, constructive and useful feedback on my projects making it easy and fun to improve them even more. She has helped me become much better designer and she is truly a great inspiration for me."

- Nora R, Design 101 v1

Past Students

Daria A.

Design 101 v1


Dóra D.

Design 101 v1

Utrecht, Utrecht

Alvin M.

Design 101 v1


Anne G.

Design 101 v1


Liza D.

Design 101 v1


Mihajlo S.

Design 101 v1

Prague, Czech Republic

Drew M.

Design 101 v1

Interlaken, Bern

Vilhelm L.


Snarøya, Akershus

Nora R.

Design 101 v1

Ruse, Ruse