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“I am very grateful to have had Sophia as my mentor. She really pushed me to dive beneath the surface in my process. With her guidance, I was able to gain a much more practical understanding of how to frame the problem and make smarter design choices and trade-offs. I highly recommend Sophia to anyone who wants to learn the human-centered design approach. Thank you for your help and for being so supportive of me trying to find my design path!”

- Vincent T, Career Services

“Sophia is an amazing mentor. I feel really grateful to have her guide me through the UXA journey. Not only is she super thorough and knowledgeable, but she also continuously pushes me to think critically and creatively. She gives in-depth feedback on everything, and always challenges me to go another step further. Under her mentorship, I've fully embraced the Design Thinking process, and I've become more excited about UX/product design overall. I highly recommend Sophia as a mentor for anyone who wants to get the most out of the Designlab experience!”

- Sabrina C, UX Academy

“Sophia has been an amazing mentor and I am grateful for having her on my UXA journey! She is very professional, knowledgeable, and insightful. She asks aspiring questions and challenges me to think differently and be sharper with my design decisions. Whenever I am stuck with a concept or an assignment, she takes time to explain and walks through the process with me. When I feel stressed and start questioning myself, she listens and encourages me, she is a kind and caring human being. I would recommend Sophia as a mentor, she will challenge you to be a remarkable designer, and she will be there with you every step of the way!”

- Loretta M, UX Academy

“Sophia is an incredibly intelligent design mentor who has extensive education and experience. She can speak to any topic in design and has deep knowledge of the entire design process. This really shows in her mentorship style, as she is always encouraging me to dig deeper and really understand the user and job to be done. She also encourages creative, unique solutions, as learning is the time to play and really try new things. Sophia can be tough, but this is all to help you design at a higher level and really succeed. I would recommend Sophia for anyone that is looking to be challenged, to dig deep, and to learn from someone who really knows their stuff.”

- William M, UX Academy

“I have absolutely loved having Sophia as a mentor. She is so kind, open minded and personable. I really appreciate how she has challenged and encouraged me to experiment and not be afraid of failure or judgement. After every meeting I feel revitalized and excited to try new things. She has great advice and insight into the world of design and just in general has made my time at DesignLab very enjoyable!”

- Sage P, UX Academy

“My time having Sophia as a mentor was truly a wonderful learning experience. From day one, Sophia always offered different lenses and perspectives through which to view (and do) design. It was Sophia who taught me what "design thinking" encompasses, continuously pushing me to further develop my critical thinking skills. Each session was an enjoyable lesson. If you're reading this and have Sophia as your DesignLab mentor, then congrats! She is a gem of a designer, mentor, and human being. Thanks for everything, Sophia! ¡Gracias!”

- Patricia C, UX Academy Foundations

“Sophia has been a great mentor throughout my first journey and taste in UX Design. Not only was she knowledgeable and insightful. She made it a point to engage me as a student constantly. During my course of study, Sophia did not shy away from providing in-depth feedback for every single iteration of work. Sometimes to the extent that some might consider too generous. With that said she was an advocate for constant improvement and iterations. She helped me understand that as a designer, there is no absolute right or wrong answer. There are only things that it is best avoided. She was on time for most mentor sessions and was always easy to work with. I would easily recommend her as a mentor for any new faces to UX Design.”

- Brice C, UX Academy Foundations

“Sophia Kc was such a delight to work with. The way she teaches, she guides your thinking but you're doing the work yourself. If I had trouble with a concept, she took the time to explain it to me in a different way. I never felt rushed. Sophia taught me to narrow my focus down instead of trying to design for everyone and everything all at once. She really helped me make the mental connection to the purpose of design, and the many jobs that products fulfill for individuals. Sophia is a gem. Her extensive design experience coupled with her energetic, thoughtful demeanor makes her just a wonderful mentor.”

- Emily M, UX Academy

“She's a great a mentor that really challenges you to think about your design choices and how it relates to the problem you are trying to solve.”

- Dominique S, Design 101

“Sophia was truly truly a wonderful mentor to learn from. Her thorough feedback will help you consider things from so many different angles. She will share with you fundamental ways of thinking about design - ways you can apply to any project in the future. This will keep your perspective fresh and exciting in the design process. Sophia is also very down-to-earth and open-minded. She will gladly answer your questions and share her wisdom and advice from her extensive experience. The one-to-one video sessions seemed to fly by because I was listening to every word and taking notes, haha! Sophia absolutely cares about her students and wants only the best for them pursuing a design career. Thank you, Sophia!!! :o)”

- Michelle D, Design 101

“I came into the course not knowing what I would get out of it even though I did countless research on different UX design bootcamp courses before choosing DesignLab. Like a new user on a website/app, I had one goal: to broaden my knowledge on UX/UI design and see if I can go down this journey as a designer. Like a new user, I felt a bit overwhelmed, worried, and frustrated at times in the course and during my personal journey of becoming a designer. Sophia, my mentor has made a huge impact on not only challenging me to think deeper but she also empowered me to make my own design decision. When I was totally lost, Sophia then guided me in the right direction so that I can keep my momentum going and continue without giving up. To make the best use of the four 1-hour mentor sessions, Sophia always made sure that I plan for it accordingly. Thank you so much Sophia! It was an absolute pleasure to be taught and mentored by you.”

- Miso C, Design 101

“Working with Sophia was both challenging and extremely rewarding. Her rich experience as a designer is evident from every conversation we had and every piece of feedback I received. She consistently pushed me to think of my design in different ways by asking thoughtful questions and encouraged me to think big and bold. Not only that, but Sophia's kindness and humor made my experience at Designlab one I will remember forever. Thank you, Sophia!”

- Alitzel T, Design 101

“Sophia helped me to make many connections how to design for end users. I used to only think about how things can be created and not about the user experience or how a user will actually use the thing. This has had a profound impact on the way that I work and is leading me to explore alternate ways of designing things. I am really grateful for Sophia's mentorship. ”

- John H, UX: Interaction Design

“Sophia has been such a tremendous mentor for me. I greatly appreciated how she helped me adapt the curriculum to my pace when my workload was weighing me--I only wish I had more time to dedicate to the course because I feel I have so much more to learn from her. I liked how Sophia was able to frame up the course for me in our intro meeting to get me in the right state of mind to tackle the tasks ahead. I also enjoyed hearing about her work and real-life experience. Her feedback on each submission and in our meetings were incredibly helpful and detailed. I liked how she really pushed my thinking and were able to explain how these activities would happen in a real-life scenario. Sophia, thanks so much for all your encouragement and support!”

- Diana H, UX: Interaction Design

“Sophia is an excellent mentor, very positive and open-minded! She always gives not only detailed and thorough feedbacks but also some advices that encourage you to think and go a little further of the course. In Skype sessions Sophia answers all questions and gives an explanation using metaphors, visual elements, and real life examples for better understanding. I feel I've gained a lot of knowledge from her. Thanks Sophia!”

- Olga B, UX: Interaction Design

“Sophia is a great teacher. She understands the student's learning behavior (to go fast or to go slow and detailed) and adjusts accordingly. Her grip on the subject is excellent and details out the topics very well and gives examples from real life to easy to understand. An honor to learn from her”

- Raghuvamsi A, UX: Interaction Design

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