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What students say

“Sophia helped me to make many connections how to design for end users. I used to only think about how things can be created and not about the user experience or how a user will actually use the thing. This has had a profound impact on the way that I work and is leading me to explore alternate ways of designing things. I am really grateful for Sophia's mentorship. ”

- John H, UX: Interaction Design

“Sophia has been such a tremendous mentor for me. I greatly appreciated how she helped me adapt the curriculum to my pace when my workload was weighing me--I only wish I had more time to dedicate to the course because I feel I have so much more to learn from her. I liked how Sophia was able to frame up the course for me in our intro meeting to get me in the right state of mind to tackle the tasks ahead. I also enjoyed hearing about her work and real-life experience. Her feedback on each submission and in our meetings were incredibly helpful and detailed. I liked how she really pushed my thinking and were able to explain how these activities would happen in a real-life scenario. Sophia, thanks so much for all your encouragement and support!”

- Diana H, UX: Interaction Design

“Sophia is an excellent mentor, very positive and open-minded! She always gives not only detailed and thorough feedbacks but also some advices that encourage you to think and go a little further of the course. In Skype sessions Sophia answers all questions and gives an explanation using metaphors, visual elements, and real life examples for better understanding. I feel I've gained a lot of knowledge from her. Thanks Sophia!”

- Olga B, UX: Interaction Design

“Sophia is a great teacher. She understands the student's learning behavior (to go fast or to go slow and detailed) and adjusts accordingly. Her grip on the subject is excellent and details out the topics very well and gives examples from real life to easy to understand. An honor to learn from her”

- Raghuvamsi A, UX: Interaction Design

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