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Samantha Ingram

Based in Denver, CO

As a UX designer, I advocate for the user by creating intuitive, scalable and substantiated interfaces. I am deeply committed to organizations I am a part of. As a result, I seek to contribute to companies’ whose success helps the underserved, or brings something formerly out of reach to the larger population. I am particularly interested in health and wellness and emerging technologies.

Senior / Lead UX Designer

Recent Work

What students say

"I am 100% satisfied with Samantha's mentoring. She has great insights and knowledge about design, she's always on time for Skype sessions and punctual about feedback, she offered me valuable career advice, and she's just a really enjoyable person to have a conversation with. Samantha is skilled at giving constructive feedback in a positive way that left me inspired and eager to become a better designer. Such a great mentor! Thank you for everything and I hope our paths cross again!"

- Erica S, UI Design

"Samantha Rocked! She was my favorite part of the course. She was super insightful and had over 17 years of experience."

- Jess D, Design 101 v1

Past Students

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UX Academy

Boulder, CO

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Design 101 v1

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Design 101 v1


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Design 101 v1


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UX: Interaction Design