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What students say

“Sarah is wonderful. She is so committed to making sure that my work is high quality and she's brilliant at helping me get it there. She constantly has really great ways of talking about how to think about UX and design, things that change the way I can address every project and problem.”

- Alix W, Design 101

“I think she's a great mentor. Very knowledgeable and a nice person in general. She was always helpful and responsive.”

- Robert L, Design 101

“Sarah was a great mentor. She gave me invaluable feedback on my work and advice on the field of design. She always responded to my needs promptly and communicated well with me. In addition to the curriculum, Design 101 was a great experience because of her!”

- Nick L, Design 101

“Sarah was a great mentor. She was so friendly and accommodating. She went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable, which allowed me to learn and develop throughout the course.”

- Sara F, Design 101

“I loved having Sarah as my mentor. She was super fast to leave feedback which really helped motivate me to iterate on my work and learn more about UX and UI in the process. Sarah always offered me thoughtful advice and provided a ton of super useful resources that will help me learn and grow beyond just this UI course. After working with Sarah, I feel a so much more confident in the path to greatly improving my design skills and becoming a product designer.”

- Katelyn E, UI Design

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