Design Resources

Working on your own design projects? Our free resources can help. Download blank templates of common UX deliverables for your personal use. You can also save our reference posters to keep in handy next time you’re looking for a guide. With love, from us to you!


Here are some common UX deliverables you’ll be working on throughout your career. Download files in .AI, .PSD, and Sketch formats.

Persona Template

Personas are a great artifact that help you synthesize and present research findings about your target users to members on your team.


Empathy Map Template

Use an empathy map to document your understanding of a particular user and their motivations, desires, and way of thinking.


Feature Matrix Template

The feature matrix helps you prioritize product decisions, as you weigh the importance to the user vs. cost of implementation.



Keep these illustrations in handy next time you need a reference guide for projects you’re working on. Feel free to print them out!

Color Theory

This poster is a quick overview of some key concepts and terms in color theory. Always nice to have a reminder!

Design Thinking

Get a refresher on the Design Thinking framework. Hang this up around the office if you want to send your co-workers some not-subtie hints about process.

Product Development

Another process-oriented poster, this diagram outlines the concept of Validated Learning. At each stage of the product development cycle, how can you maximize your insight?