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Ramla Mahmood

Based in Washington DC

I'm a senior product designer at Vox Media who works on publishing tools and design systems.

Senior Product Designer at

Vox Media

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What students say

"Ramla is professional and provides a great perspective professionally and with the project. She makes sure that the course and 1:1s are customized towards your needs and what you want to get out of it. I highly recommend her and this intro program to design!"

- Travis , Design 101

"Ramla has been great! Very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable! She is very courteous with her feedback and it never felt judgemental or condescending. Her suggestions were always easy to understand and if I didn't know right away how to implement them, she was happy to help with clarification or a resource suggestion. She was also very flexible with mentoring sessions times, which I greatly appreciate. I would highly recommend Ramla as a mentor to anyone looking to learn more about design!"

- Olga B, Design 101

Past Students

Phoebe H.

Design 101


Dani F.

UI Design


Travis .

Design 101


Jennifer G.

Design 101


Helen .

Design 101


Arundhati C.

Design 101


Olga B.

Design 101