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Peter Pan

Based in Berlin

Self-taught ux designer and cryptocurrency crazy person. Previous experience in growth marketing and motion graphics.

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What students say

"Peter was very friendly and helpful. He provided me with some very useful feedbacks that in turn allow me to learn more about UX. Overall I'm happy with my mentor and would likely to recommend him to others."

- Giang N, Design 101 v1

"Peter encourages his students to take ownership of education and offers a great deal of guidance throughout each step of the learning process. He was cognizant of my performance level and worked endlessly with me to establish achievable learning goals. With Peter's feedback and positive reinforcements, I've become more confident in my abilities as a designer. He genuinely wants his students to succeed, and I'm thankful to have had him as a mentor."

- Vicky W, Design 101 v1

Past Students

Jana K.

UX Research & Strategy

Sydney, NSW

Yuliya L.

UX Research & Strategy


Alexandra R.

UX Research & Strategy


Vicky W.

Design 101 v1

Chicago, Illinois

Giang N.

Design 101 v1


Ibeth .

UX Research & Strategy