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Based in Amsterdam

Hi! My name is Oscar, I'm a creative geek from Amsterdam and a design driven hybrid Front-End enthusiast (UX & UI) specialised in creating corporate identities and digital products with meaning.I have got a weak spot for detailed aestethics, ergonomics and perfect geometry. Intuïtivity, an appealing lay-out and an user-centered ease of use, should be a part of every digital product.

Product Designer at

KLM Airlines

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What students say

"A wonderful mentor. Clearly invested in his own design career so he has a deep knowledge of the field and what it takes to succeed in it. Oscar was full of tips, tricks and advice on everything from Illustrator to side businesses and storytelling. I felt comfortable asking him any question. On top of this, he would follow up after each session with resources mentioned and leave wonderful, thorough comments on each submission. Very happy to have had him as a mentor."

- Nibras I, Branding

"Oscar was an incredible mentor! He was extremely supportive and his feedback was very helpful. Oscar was very attentive and went above and beyond to assist me with my questions and provided clear guidance. He was friendly, approachable, and a great help during the course."

- Lindsey W, UX Academy

"Oscar was my DesignLab UX Academy Phase 1 mentor. He is an exceptional teacher that's always approachable and friendly but also gently nudges you to challenge your current skillset. He is deeply experienced and knowledgable in his profession and has given me a lot of good recommendations not only regarding my work but also invaluable industry insights that I wouldn't have obtained elsewhere. He is very flexible and accommodating, understanding that life occurs and schedule changes. Overall, I feel very blessed to have him as a mentor and would recommend any UXA students to work with him."

- Waiaka W, UX Academy

"Oscar was my mentor for phase 1 of Design Lab's UX Academy. During his time as my mentor, he went above and beyond his duties as a mentor and helped me learned a lot about UX and UI design. He was very clear with his communication and always looked to help me improve on my design skills. He was also always ready to help when I needed it, beyond his scheduled Skype sessions. Having been mentored by Oscar, I can clearly see his passion for design and has inspired me to continue on my journey into learning about design as well. I would gladly take Oscar as my mentor again if I had the chance."

- David T, UX Academy

"I feel that I have improved a lot over the 4 week period. He is always on hand on Skype when you need him. He is has a high expectation and will push to your best, which is what I love. Due to being new to this I often had to tweak my work and resubmit it, but I always saw how much my better my re-submission was after implementing his feedback. He knows his stuff which is reassuring. The Skype calls were great! There were times when I sometimes did not fully understand the improvements to be made from feedback, but it always clicked after the Skype sessions and as previously said he is always on hand to ask any questions if you need clarification. He is also very resourceful and often sent website links to help clear up anything. Furthermore, he is prompt with his feedback and it is always very detailed. Again, this is perfect as you only have a week per module and some modules consist of 2 projects. Getting the feedback in time allows you quickly make the changes needed before the next unit. I would definitely recommend him for a mentor!"

- Dionne S, Design 101 v1

Past Students


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Dan C.

Design 101


Nibras I.



Tim O.

UI Design v1


Dadi E.

Design 101


Lindsey W.

UX Academy

San Jose, CA

Caleb K.

UX Academy

bracknell, berkshire

Christine D.

UX Academy

North York, ON

Angel S.

UX Academy

Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong Island

Jess S.

Design 101 v1


Lucy C.

Design 101 v1


Wenjing C.

Design 101 v1


Claudia T.

UX Academy

New York, NY

Jana Y.

UX Academy

Richmond, BC

Peter W.

Design 101 v1


Rebecca Y.

Design 101 v1


Rod F.

Design 101 v1


Andrew R.

Design 101 v1


Yingshun W.

UX Research & Strategy