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Vinod Pillai

Based in London, UK

A UI+UX designer with 8 years of experience in design services and product domain. I worked in both clients facing and in-house roles in a range of domain including banking, ticketing, telecom, technology, insurance, automobile and education. Recently I've immersed in designing for products. I currently design product enhancement and new features at an enterprise psychometric analysis platform.

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What students say

"Vinod has been so great! He is commited, supportive and genuinely wants to help. He gives thoughtul and timely feedback, and has great communication skills. Thank you Vinod and Design Lab :)"

- Sezin C, Design 101

Past Students

Shirley C.

UI Design


Tom M.

UI Design


Sezin C.

Design 101


Slava I.

Design 101


Rachel G.

Design 101


Celia M.

Design 101


Megan L.

Design 101