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Mark Peck

Based in Austin, TX

Design at SumoMe who loves petting dogs, gin & tonics, and pixels.

Lead Designer at


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What students say

"Mark was incredibly easy to talk to and offered help outside of mentoring sessions. He was informative and shared useful resources for me to explore after the program ended. "

- Michelle L, Design 101 v1

"I have only positive things to say about Mark! He was patient and understanding of my curiosity about the UI/UX field and what paths I could take for this career. I gained valuable feedback on all my projects and whenever I had a question, Mark would always answer it as best he could and provide some suggestions of websites to check out. Another aspect I value is that Mark has offered to continue to answer any and all questions I might have about design moving forward along with helping me understand good job fits for me when I'm ready to start applying. Mark's mentoring style was laid back and relaxed which I really enjoyed; it made mentor sessions more enjoyable and more like a conversation between friends."

- Kim P, Design 101 v1

Past Students

Emma K.

UX Research & Strategy

Chicago, Illinois

Michelle L.

Design 101 v1

Fresh Meadows, NY

Kim P.

Design 101 v1

Worcester, MA

Wenwen D.

Design 101 v1

plano, TX

Felipe G.

UX Research & Strategy

San Antonio, TX

Michael T.

UX Academy


Michael M.

UX Academy