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Marco Righetto

Based in Gijón, Spain

My purpose is to affect how people think, feel, and behave for positive change: crafting effective and emotionally engaging products and services, enabling the most favorable and inspiring conditions for innovation, activating communities through creativity. I’ve been in awe of amazing humans at IDEO, SumAll, Fjord, and Hanzo. I’m constantly humbled by the community we serve at Streetlives.

Director of Innovation

Recent Work

What students say

"Marco was a great mentor! He taught me a lot for such a short course and his feedback always inspired me to make progress and to work on my ideas even more efficiently. He was also very enouraging and helpful."

- Anastasia P, UX Research & Strategy

Past Students

Julia V.

UX Research & Strategy


Anastasia P.

UX Research & Strategy


Lia C.

UX: Interaction Design