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Based in San Francisco, CA

I am a product designer at Dropbox. Previously at Yelp. I am a problem solver who likes to iterate, collaborate and build.In addition to product design, in my free time I like to make pottery, go on hikes with my large labradoodle, animate, and build new product ideas.

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What students say

"Jeff was a fantastic mentor during my Design 101 course. He's been a huge source of knowledge and guidance - giving me comprehensive feedback and design tips as I progress through the course and iterate on projects. Jeff also provided lots of valuable insight into the industry and what it's like to work at a design focused company."

- Ian L, Design 101

Past Students

Dominic N.

Design 101

San Diego, CA

Michelle W.

Design 101


Joyce W.

Design 101

Portland, OR

Ian L.

Design 101