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Guido Avogadro

Based in Buenos Aires

The third part of my life that I keep working on my 30 years old I have done a lot of things regarding the ''online world''. Everything was done to accomplish different goals with the ''digital user'' in mind and with creativity and thought.

Senior UX Designer at

Thomson Reuters

Recent Work

What students say

"He was quick when giving very complete feedbacks or answering emails, he knows very well how to help and when recognizing I can make an extra effort to learn more. The Skype sessions were great, I learned a lot through the whole month and he was also very patient when I told I needed to synchronize my learning on the DesignLab with my day job! Guido is an excellent mentor and person!"

- Isabella L, Design 101

"He is very resourceful and helped me along the way for each project I posted. I appreciate the in-depth critique on my designs. Very approachable and knowledgeable."

- Michelle T, Design 101

Past Students

Cheryl W.

UI Design


Brenda V.

Design 101


Isabella L.

Design 101


Wei Y.

UX: Interaction Design


Charles G.

Design 101


Michelle T.

Design 101


Karla O.

UX: Interaction Design