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Erika Harano

Based in St Louis

I emphasize using design to collaborate with people in making systems work better for all.

Design Educator

Recent Work

What students say

"I LOVE Erika. The energy she gives off is such a perfect match for my enthusiasm and passion to learn more about UX. She gives great advices on my projects and approach to each one. I like how she gives me her experience on similar approaches, even if they are different from how the course work suggests it. I loved having non-course conversations like portfolio, job hunting, working with clients, conducting research. It helped me see what type of real world experiences are like vs course work. I definitely want to have Erika as my mentor for when I sign up for Interaction Design. I want her to have the context for my project as I see it through the IxD course."

- Candi L, UX Research & Strategy

"Erika is immensely helpful and patient. She gives great, constructive feedback to help you understand better and get the most out of the course. I was lucky to have her as my mentor."

- Rachel C, UX Research & Strategy

Past Students

Regina D.

UX Research & Strategy


Candi L.

UX Research & Strategy


Kevin M.

UX Research & Strategy


Danielle A.

UX Research & Strategy


Kevin X.

UX Research & Strategy


Susie H.

UX Research & Strategy


Rachel C.

UX Research & Strategy


Sierra J.

UX Research & Strategy