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Emrah Saribaz

Based in Berlin

I work ad Product Design Lead at Outfittery in Berlin. I had a chance to work with different industries like finance, e-commerce, health, media, education etc. For every industry I work for, my main motivation is to solve crucial problems that users encounter and enrich the value of products/services.

Product Design Lead at


What students say

"He was very supportive, I received always great feedback from him. I really enjoyed our sessions and I feel I learned a lot from him, even in this short timeframe."

- Martina T, UX: Interaction Design

Past Students

Anh L.

UX: Interaction Design


Daniel C.

Design 101


Pablo A.

UX: Interaction Design


Laura P.

UX: Interaction Design


Martina T.

UX: Interaction Design


Tobias H.

Design 101 v1


Vojtech V.

Design 101 v1


Alana M.

UX: Interaction Design


ayah s.

Design 101 v1

Amman, amman