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What students say

“It was great being mentored by Daniel! He gave insightful and relevant feedback which was quite helpful throughout my Design101 journey!”

- Anushree A, Design 101

“This was my second course with Daniel, and he continued to deliver excellent mentorship. Both on my work and during our sessions, he provided valuable feedback and insight into important UX processes and deliverables. I'm very grateful for his guidance as I continue my design journey!”

- Yumi M, UX Research & Strategy

“Daniel was an attentive & knowledgeable mentor. He gave me valuable constructive criticism on my work, which resulted in me improving faster than I thought possible for such a quick course. I feel lucky to have had Daniel as my mentor.”

- Lisa B, Design 101

“Daniel was a fantastic mentor! I appreciated the combination of pointed feedback and general guidance that he provided. He consistently left timely and thoughtful feedback on my work. During our sessions, he was honest and very encouraging, and clearly has a wealth of knowledge and experience in UI/UX. Overall great experience!”

- Yumi M, UI Design

“Daniel has been a superb mentor. He's taken his time to give me feedback on my designs and provided a lot of advice to help move my design career forward. I personally noticed a lot of growth throughout the course and I can definitely attribute much of it to his mentorship. Even after the course has been over, Daniel has still continued to mentor me through the job hunt process and offered loads of help. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have developed so much in the field with Daniel's guidance! ”

- Jessica L, UX Academy

“Easy to work with. Lots of great suggestions. Good follow through. ”

- Scotty M, Design 101

“Daniel was an effective tutor who offered a combination of broad guidance and point-for-point, detailed feedback. He has a sense for visual and UX design, and is able to help relate the coursework to real-life, work scenarios. I personally benefitted from his advice on the design process and workflow, and I feel that his perspective and speciality in UX helped me hone my own path through the course.”

- Eric G, Design 101

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