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Cori Johnson

Based in Los Angeles

Designing UX since before there was an acronym. Content strategy, information architecture, usability—these are the euphemisms I try to use with a straight face. I help people make their apps and websites less bad.

UX Consultant

Recent Work

What students say

"Cori is awesome! I always looked forward to our sessions because Cori would have such great insight, analogies, and feedback! Through his valuable feedback I was able to think and review my work more like a designer and apply real-life examples to my assignments and work as a whole. Cori is amazing!!!!"

- Sharan B, UI Design

Past Students

Elaine C.

Design 101


Claire C.

UX Research & Strategy


Ceren O.

UX Research & Strategy


Jason W.

UI Design


Hanita D.

UX Research & Strategy


Cassandra B.

UX: Interaction Design


Jessica C.

Design 101


Sharan B.

UI Design

Redmond, WA

April H.

Design 101