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Christine Isabel Javier

Based in San Francisco, CA

Designer and ice cream maker @cijavier. Currently @myrocksbox. Formerly @Splunk, @Extole, and @HUMIN - now known as @Tinder. I focus on building beautiful products that are intuitive to use, add value, and help people in their environment. I also specialize in creating remarkable experiences.

UX Designer at


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What students say

"Christine was really thorough, thoughtful, and helpful throughout the entire process. She provided constructive feedback and thought of every single possible detail as well as providing links to resources. She is a great mentor and really understanding as well!"

- Joyce K, UX: Interaction Design

"She did a wonderful job going over feedback and was very in-depth with what areas I needed to work on and which areas I did well on. Pleasant to work with and very thoughtful!"

- Jason L, UX: Interaction Design

"Aside from being a talented designer, Christine was a great mentor who was always encouraging and gave a tremendous amount of support and motivation throughout the Design 101 course. Her constructive and thoughtful feedback consistently challenged my designs and gave me plenty of room to rethink and reflect on what I had originally submitted. Her comments helped shed light on what I did well, what could be improved, and reinforced better techniques for future assignments. Her mentorship helped distill a lot of questions I had regarding building simple, functional, and aesthetic user interfaces and she provided plenty of resources that I referred to often throughout my time designing. Thank you again, Christine, for the awesome support at Designlabs and for helping me start my journey into the world of design :D"

- Brandon T, Design 101 v1

"Christine is a great mentor. The skype sessions was really helpful for me. She gave me a lot of links what helps me to expand my knowledge in color theory and typography. I'll highly recommend Christine as a mentor :) "

- Alena I, Design 101 v1

Past Students

Karen K.

UX: Interaction Design


Abraham G.

UX: Interaction Design


Gabriel D.

UX: Interaction Design


Chris N.

UX: Interaction Design


Lindsay R.

UX: Interaction Design


Katie G.

UX: Interaction Design


Leah .

UX: Interaction Design


Jason L.

UX: Interaction Design


Parry M.

UX: Interaction Design


Nefeli S.

UX: Interaction Design


Rebecca R.

UX: Interaction Design


Daniel H.

UX: Interaction Design


Joyce K.

UX: Interaction Design


Ying Y.

Design 101 v1

San Leandro, CA

Brandon T.

Design 101 v1

San Francisco, CA

Andre R.

Design 101 v1


Aly H.

Design 101 v1

Palo Alto, CA

Alena I.

Design 101 v1

Santa Clara, CA

Will K.