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Chris Constandse

Based in Amsterdam

I'm a webdesigner from Amsterdam who is trying to push himself everyday to get better and better and eventually find myself working in NYC.

UX Designer / Lead at


Recent Work

What students say

"As always I got many new hints and ideas. Thanks!"

- Pawel C, Design 101 v1

"Chris was fantastic. His feedback was always constructive and he was always encouraging me on to the next solution. He always asked the right questions that led me to the right answers rather than just spoon feeding me the answer itself. We even had a pairing session at one point where we worked together to improve a design that I had been working on. That, more than anything else on the course, helped me to understand the design process and how little changes can make big differences."

- Alan G, Design 101 v1

Past Students

Joeri P.

Design 101 v1

Alkmaar, NH

Alison H.

Design 101 v1

Chamonix, Haute Savoie

Josh S.

Design 101 v1

San Francisco, CA

Jon C.

Design 101 v1


Andrew G.

UX Academy

Fort Wayne, IN

James B.

Design 101 v1


Pawel C.

Design 101 v1


Linda A.

Design 101 v1

London, London

Joshua S.

Design 101 v1

Sevilla, Sevilla

Alan G.

Design 101 v1

Edinburgh, Scotland

Menno d.

Design 101 v1

Haarlem, Noord Holland

Ted T.

Design 101 v1

Seoul, Seoul