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What students say

“During speaking about Chandresh first and foremost, it’s worth mentioning his attitudes and approaches towards students. He is not only a well-skilled professional but also a great person who knows how to treat persons willing to study and learn appropriate fields. Furthermore, let me highlight the distinguishing features of Chandresh: responsiveness, always ready to help and give advice, ability to speak about practical examples, and bring useful information on his ongoing or completed projects, the capability to provide constructive and well-explained feedback. This is the shortlist of the advantages of Mr. Gandhi. I would like to specifically thank the entire team of DL for providing me this opportunity to enjoy a fruitful and pleasant collaboration with Chandresh.”

- Anzor S, UX Research & Strategy

“Chandresh Gandhi did an amazing job for me. Always on time and giving me feedback soon. I am always grateful for this because this is my very first step in UX and every word or source is important. I guess I knew almost nothing about UX one month ago. I want to thank him for his time and work.”

- Ana Khutsishvil, UX Research & Strategy

“He takes care of me, he's a good mentor, God blesses him.”

- L A, UX Research & Strategy

“Chandresh was very helpful and went out of his way to assist me in some of the work i did.”

- Mohanbabu m, UX: Interaction Design

“Chandresh has been such a helpful and inspiring mentor, I´m really pleased to have met him. He´s been watching closely every project and giving constructive feedback, not only regarding the exercises, but also on ways to improve presentation assets. During skype sessions he always tried to bring in examples of real projects he´s been working on recently in India. It just made the experience richer and opened a new channel to exchange interesting information and discuss ideas on design trends. ”

- Florença F, UX: Interaction Design

“He helped me a lot during the course duration. Guiding me through my projects, explaining some complex chapters that were tough for me to grasp and making himself available anytime I needed a help. Thanks Chandresh and the Design Lab team.”

- Ganapathy S, UX: Interaction Design

“Chandresh was my mentor for "UX: Interaction Design" course. Throughout the course he gave me useful and actionable feedback for my course projects, provided guidance on UX research, design principles and general design processes, shared additional sources to learn from and genuinely helped me with clarification of all unclear moments. During our sessions Chandresh referred to real projects from his experience to show how it's working in action and how different processes are organised. It's helped me to expand my knowledge about UX research, interaction design and understand more clearly the design process, workflow and role of UX Designer in general.”

- Volodymyr M, UX: Interaction Design

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