Congratulations to

Zachary Mactavish

on completing

UX Research & Strategy

Zachary's Work

April 2019

Design Thinking Project

Unit 1 was an introduction to the design thinking process. Zachary started the course by identifying a great product, and its positive qualities.

Empathy Research

Zachary then executed the full research plan — finding participants and interviewing them to gain insight.

Research Plan

Zachary dove into design thinking with this immersive project, where they created their own research plan.

Empathy Exercise

Unit 2 covered the "Empathy" phase of design thinking. The first exercise in the unit helped Zachary think about which research methods to use in different scenarios.

Framing the Problem

Now, Zachary thought about the problem definition, and if they could reframe the problem in a new light.

Empathy Map Exercise

Unit 3 dealt with the "Define" phase of design thinking — developing an understanding of the problem based on user research. Zachary created user empathy maps based on their research.

Storyboard Exercise

Next, Zachary created user storyboards describing the customer journey.

Brainstorm Exercise

Zachary learned how to quickly brainstorm and generate potential solutions.

User Flows

Zachary created a user flow based on the *ideal* description of how the proposed solution would fit into customers' lives.

Landing Page

Finally, Zachary iterated on the previous landing page design based on customer feedback.

Storyboard Review

Zachary gathered feedback from users on the solution, based on the storyboard.

Landing Page Test

The last project in the course involved qualitative and quantitative testing of the landing page to see how users responded to the product value proposition.