Congratulations to

Zachary Mactavish

on completing

UX: Interaction Design

Zachary's Work

December 2018

Good Market Business Goals

The main objective in the course was to design a mobile app/website for a fictional supermarket called Good Market. To start out, Zachary first had to define what the business and user goals of this product would be.

Competitive Analysis

Next, Zachary looked at competitors in the space, and examined their products.

Context of Use Scenarios

Before jumping into "design", Zachary thought about the product strategy, considering questions like how the product would be used, and where.

Usability Competitive Analysis

A deep dive on one of the competitors in the space revealed good and bad examples of usability.

Sketching Exercise

Sketching is an important tactic for designers to master. Zachary practiced this by recreating an existing app in the form of sketches.

Card Sorting

Card sorting is an important technique in information architecture, helping determine users' conceptual models of different categories of information on your site. Zachary practiced this method to help figure out how the information on the Good Market site should be categorized.


Zachary used the findings of the card sorting exercise to put together a sitemap.

User Flows

Zachary then learned about user- and goal-centered design, sketching a series of user flows depicting the pathways users would take to accomplish certain goals.


Zachary then wireframed each major screen in the app.

Sitemap with Wireframes

Connecting the individual wireframes in an overall sitemap was a good way for Zachary to visualize the architecture of the app, and to make sure everything was logical and consistent.

Product Requirements

As understanding of the product evolved, Zachary was able to put together a set of product requirements that could be used by both design and engineering teams to get all major stakeholders aligned.

Design Patterns

Finally, Zachary learned a little about design patterns, and added some common patterns of navigation and search to the app to help users perform this basic functionality.