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Congratulations to

Violet Siegius

on completing

Design 101

Violet's Work

August 2015

Seeing Design

Unit 1 was an introduction to "Getting to Know Design", and the project was intended to train the student's ability to evaluate design and articulate positive and negative qualities. Violet picked out 2 examples of good and bad design, and considered both positive and negative aspects of the product design.

Product Landing Page

The course started with a skills assessment to establish a starting point. Violet responded to a creative brief and designed a landing page for a fictional product called SuperGood.

News Listings

The final project in the Hierarchy unit was designing the page for a news listings site (a la Reddit or Digg).

Social Timeline

Unit 2 introduced students to Visual Hierarchy, an important topic in visual design. The first project was an exercise in using hierarchy to depict a social timeline.

Blog Article

Continuing in the Visual Hierarchy unit, Violet also created a layout for a blog article.


Violet learned about the use of grids while also being introduced to the practice of wireframing. The objective for this project was to iterate on the basic layout in the previous project to create a more detailed wireframe, an essential step in the design process.

Web Layout

Unit 3 dealt with Layout, and this project involved experimenting with different layouts for Violet's fictional website. Using a provided set of elements, Violet arranged them on the page, building on the visual design principles discussed earlier in the course.

Choosing Type

In Unit 4, Violet got an introduction to Typography, and learned a little about serif vs. sans-serif, how to pair typefaces, and how to look for characteristics in choosing fonts.

Color Picker

Violet's first color theory project: create a color palette based on an image they found.

Color Picker

Violet's first color theory project: create a color palette based on an image they found.

Color Style Tile

Unit 5 was a look at Color Theory. Violet created a "Style Tile" with a color scheme to apply to the wireframe in Unit 3.

Final Project

Unit 6 was a chance to put it all together and learn about the design process! The final project was a full color composite of the wireframe that Violet created in Unit 3.