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During this tutorial, Designlab mentor Kieran Black shares his tips for working remotely as a UX designer. 

This tutorial is perfect for you if you’re interested in getting started in UX/UI design, or if you have prior knowledge of UX/UI design but want to explore further what it would be like to work remotely.

Here are some timings in case you want to skip ahead:

  • 2:30 Kieran's personal remote work journey
  • 4:00 Pros and cons of remote work
  • 10:00 Tips for working remotely
  • 24:00 How to determine if remote work is for you
  • 29:00 Resources for remote work
  • 31:15 Q&A

Here are questions Kieran answers during the Q&A:

  • Is it okay for brand new UX designers to seek remote work?
  • Are there certain platforms you recommend for freelancer UX designers with little to no experience?
  • How do you gauge your level of expertise when you have few to no UX designers to compare your skills to?
  • How do you determine your value and worth as a UX designer?
  • What tools do you recommend for documentation, collaboration, and group facilitation?
  • Do you think the digital nomad lifestyle is feasible for a UX designer?

Looking to switch into a career in design, or upskill into a new design position? Explore our short courses and our UX Academy.

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