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On the fourth day of UXmas, Designlab sent to me... instructions on how to make user personas

It’s Day 4 of UXmas. Well done for completing the challenges so far! Today we are going to wrap up our user research by creating some user personas. Tomorrow, we will start to apply what we’ve learned to shape our product.

A user persona is an archetype that represents one of the user groups emerging from research. The purpose of a persona is to group similar user characteristics into a single, memorable, relatable profile of a fictional individual. Each persona is given a name and a title, like “Fiona the project manager”. This becomes a quick way to refer to a set of user group preferences during the design process. In general, it’s a good idea to have one primary persona to design for – your product’s core user.

5 minute challenge: Read through this article about user personas. Then, create a “quick and dirty” user persona for your primary persona, making sure to include a name, age, profession, and something about their goals and preferences.

30 minute challenge: Read through this Smashing Magazine article about user personas. Then, create 2 or 3 detailed personas. You can download Designlab’s persona development PDF template, which contains further tips and instructions. You can also download it in PNG or Sketch format.

Let us know how you’re getting on!

Share your progress in the comments below, drop us an email at, or send us a tweet @trydesignlab. Merry UXmas!

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