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What students say

“Ben was unfailingly supportive and helped me push through roadblocks with humor and insight. A talented person who clearly enjoys the role of mentor! Can't recommend him enough.”

- Lorien K, Design 101

“Ben was a great mentor! He set me up for success from the beginning, catering our sessions to touch on topics that he knew interested me and aligned with my future career goals. He was responsive and encouraging and made the whole experience so fun. I couldn't have imagined a better mentor to first start off with!”

- Thea C, Design 101

“Ben was a great mentor, he surpassed my expectations. As this was only a month long course i assumed the mentors would be there for guidance and feedback but Ben went far beyond and helped me with aspects i would expect from a boss at a company”

- James D, Design 101

“Ben was an amazing mentor! He provided fast and actionable feedback on all my assignments and walked me through extra help when I needed it. But he also went above and beyond to help me with my larger career goals - testing me with design drills and mock interviews, which really helped me feel more prepared to get started on a career in Design. I looked forward to his energy and enthusiasm at every meeting!”

- Kacey B, UI Design

“Ben was a great mentor. He brought a lot of his own exercises to our sessions along with valuable insight and feedback on my work. Ben is direct and clear with his constructive criticism, which I personally find very helpful as an eager learner, but he also made sure to provide positive reinforcement when I had done something well. Additionally, I felt like Ben was genuinely excited for me and wanted to make sure I got the most out of this learning experience.”

- Lexi K, Design 101

“Ben was great! He is personable but focused in our sessions and has a way of keeping you concerned about the Important Things. Some more insights/details into aesthetics and what drives those choices might be warranted but truly with so little time, he really does do a great job inspiring toward the stuff that clients/users really care about. Highly recommended!”

- Mike N, Design 101

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