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What students say

“Ben is a great mentor to have full of resources and helpful information and ready to listen. Ben helped expand my knowledge of the UI world and even practical tools to help me in my career. I really appreciated his time and feedback that challenged me to think outside the box and be more intuitive of the users needs.”

- Christine K, UI Design

“Ben was really friendly and helpful from the get-go. I really appreciated that he shared his go-to links that he thought would be useful for me and how during our mentor sessions he would show me his current work and the functionality of using Sketch. Unfortunately, there were a few sessions that we needed to reschedule as it seemed like they weren't in his calendar, however, I'm grateful for his flexibility to setup another meeting within a few days of missing our scheduled meeting. Overall, I really liked working with Ben and found his feedback and guidance on my projects and progress through Design 101 very supportive and informative.”

- Carol L, Design 101

“Ben was a fantastic mentor and went out of his way to help me learn and grow as a designer. He was consistently easy and quick to communicate with, clearly has a deep understanding of UX principles, and is an expert in coming up with creative solutions to design problems.”

- Sarah F, Design 101

“Ben was a wonderful mentor for Design 101. Communicative and experienced, he was always prepared to answer any questions and go over project critiques together. Ben almost always used real world examples to answer any of my questions, allowing me to see different perspectives and applications of strategies.”

- Michelle L, Design 101

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