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What students say

“Alan was the consummate professional - always punctual and always fair and clear in his feedback. His guidance was always constructive and helped challenge me to improve my skill set and expand my knowledge. It was a real pleasure having Alan as my mentor!”

- Erik G, Design 101

“I am completely new to design so his feedback was more than helpful. Motivated to continue practicing and become better.”

- Vannell P, Design 101

“Alan was a great mentor. I entered Design 101 with no background in design and he was able to give me helpful feedback and additional resources to use throughout the course. His feedback was constructive and helped me better myself as a designer.”

- Erin D, Design 101

“Alan is a fantastic mentor: open, engaging, providing absolutely spot on feedback and support with each step of my project as well as helping me stay focused on how to get to my end goal. He went above and beyond to help me gain the skills I need to improve not only for class, but to continue improving outside of class.”

- Dede T, UX Research & Strategy

“Alan was great! He was incredibly supportive throughout the course. His feedback was specific enough to be valuable, without being nit-picky. He was able to delve into topics that the lectures merely touched upon. He clearly explained concepts and related them to one another. He was great to talk to and learn from! ”

- Katie F, UX Research & Strategy

“He was great!! Very knowledgeable.”

- Sarah K, UX Research & Strategy

“Alan is really approachable and knowledgable. He gave me helpful feedback that I could immediately apply to my project for DesignLab, as well as in my current role. ”

- Abigail P, UX Research & Strategy

“Alan is a great teacher. He always had great, easy to understand feedback and has helped me learn a lot.”

- Diana M, Design 101

“Great mentor with great experiences. I feel pretty lucky to have Alan as my mentor. He always went beyond my work and find a way to challenge my ideas to push the process further. ”

- Nicolas H, UX Research & Strategy

“Alan is very thorough with his feedback and very attentive to submissions. He is quick to answer questions through email. He makes things easy to understand for someone of my experience level, and I don't feel embarrassed to ask questions when I don't know something basic. I would absolutely recommend him!”

- Madi W, Design 101

“Alan was awesome. Very positive, enthusiastic, and helpful.”

- Matt P, Design 101

“Alan was excellent. He went above and beyond what I expected out of a mentor, and it was a pleasure to learn from him.”

- Michael M, Design 101

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