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What students say

“AJ was easy to talk to, he demonstrated interest in my career goals and gave me ideas on how to approach my future career switch. As a mentor he always gave me detailed feedback and ideas on how to improve.”

- Marcela C, Design 101

“Very insightful and knowledgeable. AJ was able to teach. by suggestion and relayed real world examples of what he was working on to give me more insight to the correct UI design process. Extremely easy to get along with. Would love to take another of his classes.”

- James A, UI Design

“AJ was a fantastic mentor. He was very patient and provided great design insight and ideas! I am much less intimidated about showing my designs since receiving the feedback from AJ and constant reminders that it's an iterative process for everyone! Thanks so much for a great course!”

- Donna M, Design 101

“AJ is an excellent mentor. He always made sure to ask if I had questions about the industry and my career change. He always gave me tips to consider in regards to transitioning into the design field. He was very helpful with all of my projects and giving thorough feedback. As someone who has no prior design experience, I feel a little more comfortable stepping into UX Academy because of the support and encouragement I received from AJ.”

- Mawendo M, Design 101

“AJ was an awesome mentor. He's very professional, helpful, friendly and approachable. It was so valuable to learn from such an accomplished professional in the field, and I really feel like I learned so much about UX and UI from him.”

- Tanya M, Design 101

“AJ has been an extremely helpful mentor during the course! He consistently provided detailed feedback to help improve my skills and always clarified information that was unclear.”

- Nailah C, Design 101

“Being brand new to design, I was really apprehensive going into the course, and AJ made it such a positive experience for me. I really enjoyed having him break down my projects with both written feedback and during our sessions.”

- Aras Y, Design 101

“Excellent discussion and very much appreciate with his advice.”

- Hai N, Branding

“AJ has been amazing! He has been so responsive and helpful, has given insightful feedback, and has been super flexible about arranging our sessions. Could not say enough great things!”

- Kristen B, UI Design

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