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“I learned so much from having Ajay as my mentor! He is very knowledgeable on design topics and made them easier to understand. I liked how he presented design theories/processes through comparisons and going step-by-step. He is very considerate and patient, and I am grateful to have been paired with Ajay!”

- Rachel K, Design 101

“Ajay was extremely helpful in my whole process during the design 101 course. He went above and beyond to help answer my various questions and doubts and help me solve my issues. He was very friendly and approachable and always gave me constructive feedback that helped me grow and progress in the course. He also was very accommodating and understanding when I had issues with certain projects and walked me through them and helped me understand them better. His experience in the field and patience in explaining various industry standards and practices helped me learn and grasp more knowledge that contributed to my projects. Overall, I could not have asked for a better Mentor!”

- Meghana K, Design 101

“Ajay has been very supportive during my Design 101 course, listening to my process thoughts and encouraging me to enhance my work to achieve the best results. He has also provided feedback on a timely manner and has been very flexible on the mentorship sessions. It was a great experience !”

- Severine H, Design 101

“I have really been apprehensive about how the course work would help me but post session with Ajay, things were more clear and were easier to put in perspective. The course work alone might not have added much value apart from theory, however having the mentor really made the difference. Ajay has been extremely helpful on leading me to learn, enhance my skills within the scope of the course as well as with whatever extra we can work on or achieve in the short span of time. Thanks Ajay!!”

- Aritro B, Design 101

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