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What students say

“Brian was a wonderful mentor who connected my progress to real-world, professional experiences as if I were a UX designer. I would highly recommend this course to a friend.”

- Nicole N, Design 101

“Brian was great! He is very knowledgeable, patient, and was responsive to many of my questions even when they went off topic. I would definitely work with him again given the opportunity!”

- Jessica B, UI Design

“I am very lucky with my mentor. Very professional and knowledgable mentor. It was a pleasure to have Brian as my mentor. Thank you!”

- Diana G, Design 101

“One of the most chillest and straightforward people I have ever met. Brian has made me read between the lines on each of my projects and has given me positive feedback when needed and the resources to improve on my work. If you're going to take up a course with TryDesignLab, I would definitely recommend Brian. Thank you for everything!”

- Casey J, Design 101

“I'm very happy to had Brian as my mentor. He helped me understand a lot of the design concepts, and applying them to my projects. He gave very good advice and ways to improve my projects.”

- Jennifer C, Design 101

“Brian was awesome! Not only was he very responsive to all my questions from the comment section in DesignLab, but was also there to answer any questions I had via email. I liked that he knew where my strengths were and pushed me in the areas that I needed help within visual design. That was the most helpful to me. He was very easy to talk to and I felt comfortable asking questions that I might not have asked in a classroom setting. Brian answered questions that I had not only about the course but also questions I had about the industry and the day to days of a visual designer. Thanks Brian!!!”

- Gabriella C, Design 101

“Brian was a GREAT mentor. He understood my main problem and soon taught me that design is not all about aesthetics but it's about solving problems. It changed my mind and the way I see this job. All his explanations were very clear, I'm not a native english speaker and he was very patient and kind while teaching, he was ready to repeat different time the same concept to help me understand deeply and memorize. He knows all the topic very well, so his explanations were very clear. Every time I've written to him an email to give me directions about how to execute a project, he replied very soon despite the time zone difference. He was very honest and whenever I made mistakes he clearly addressed them, explained me what the mistake was, how to fix it and don't repeat it again. He was also ready to congratulate my improvements, and this helped me understand what I'm good at and what I have to learn more about. In the end, during all the course he guided me to what steps to take in order to start my career in design and shared some places where I could start. I wouldn't have appreciated this course as much as I did without his guide whenever I felt lost in project requirements. I'd surely give him even 10 stars if I could. He's sympathetic and has a good sense of humor too :)”

- Lorenzo B, Design 101

“I can't thank Brian enough for his mentorship during the Design 101 course. He was professional, down-to-earth, deeply experienced, and eloquent with his feedback and support. If I continue to do coursework with DesignLab, I would credit Brian a LOT for my decision to do so!”

- Kelvin T, Design 101

“Great mentor! Very resourceful and kind.”

- May H, Design 101

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