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Scott Garner

Based in Portland, OR

I am a multidisciplinary artist working to unite technical, design and craft skills into a cohesive creative voice. Major areas of focus for me include alternative forms of engagement with technology, issues of beauty and creativity in the modern world and the future of storytelling through interactive media.

Designer / Director

Recent Work

What students say

"Scott is amazing! I enjoyed very much my sessions and the whole process with him. He is very knowledgeable and full of positive energy. I've got great support and encouragement from him as well as really useful feedbacks on my work."

- Hilda P, Design 101 v1

"Great teacher! Gives really good, specific examples and constructive criticism. I learned a lot just from listening to him talk about design–he's incredibly knowledgeable. He also knows a lot about the different jobs designers can have, which I found very valuable."

- Katie M, Design 101 v1

"Scott was absolutely amazing. He is extremely knowledgeable and very good at explaining exactly what I need. He really made this class fun and informative all the way through! "

- Michael B, Design 101 v1

"Scott was incredibly thorough, timely, knowledgeable and helpful. "

- Sam K, Design 101 v1

"Scott has been very helpful in his critiques and went above and beyond sharing his own work with me and explaining the subtleties of typography. He was quick and knowledgable in answering all of my questions. I think Scott did an excellent job and I would highly recommend him to future typography students."

- Logan W, Typography

Past Students

Ian H.

Design 101 v1


Hilda P.

Design 101 v1


Brandi L.

Design 101 v1

Long Beach, CA

Theo G.

Design 101 v1


Ali G.

Design 101 v1


Anisa M.

Design 101 v1


Maddie L.

Design 101 v1


Michael B.

Design 101 v1

Chicago, IL

Marian R.

Design 101 v1

League City, TX

Michael A.

Design 101 v1

Albert Lea, MN

Megan G.

Design 101 v1

San Jose, CA

Logan W.


Philadelphia, PA

Sam K.

Design 101 v1

Denver, Colorado