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Myrto Papagiannakou

Based in Berlin

Senior UX Designer & Information Architect shaping experiences for real people.

Senior UX Designer

Recent Work

What students say

"Myrto was great! Always prompt with her feedback and easy to work with. She gave great suggestions while allowing me to work through problems and ideas on my own. She also gave me a lot of amazing resources to keep after the course is finished,"

- Ashley C, Design 101

"Mytro is very experienced in UI/UX design. She has worked with major corporations and also small companies. With these experiences, she always provides very good comments and insights on the subjects! She's a great mentor!"

- Christine T, Design 101

Past Students

Alison L.

UX Academy

Zurich, ZH

Rachel W.

UX Academy

Vienna, Wien

Nicole K.

UX: Interaction Design


Karen H.

Design 101


Ashley C.

Design 101


Emma C.

UX: Interaction Design


Christine T.

Design 101


Haley M.

Design 101

Atlanta, GA

Helen M.

UX Academy

Koridallos - Piraeus, Attiki


Design 101


Christian S.

UX: Interaction Design


Joris C.

UX: Interaction Design

Antwerpen, Antwerp

Vanessa M.

UX: Interaction Design

Wuustwezel, Antwerp

Jovana P.

UX: Interaction Design

Belgrade, Belgrade

Nora R.

UX: Interaction Design

Ruse, Ruse