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“I would say that I already wrote very valuable feedback about how Mikko excelled as a mentor during each session as well as along the time we've collaborated within this course. But anyway I'll do a short wrap up to highlight the most important aspects: First of all, Mikko is a designer concerned about problems and not so much about solutions. This mentality shone trough when reviewing each of the exercises. I also appreciated how he never imposed his ideas, and he rather asked questions about specific aspects of the exercise as a way to trigger discussion and ultimately building me up to get the right answer. Last but not least, he shared very valuable resources and materials to complement all exercises; what's more, he told me about his professional experiences with certain design practices and the learnings he got from those. For this reasons, I'm just very glad that I had the chance to get to know and collaborate with Mikko. And I thank him for his outstanding job! :)”

- Oriol B, UX: Interaction Design

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