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“Mike was a really great mentor for me these past four weeks of classes. Always timely and constructive in his feedback, I feel as though he has pushed me to try new things and emphasized the importance of getting inspired. Additionally, the resources he has provided me and the directions he pointed me to were always super useful. Once again, great mentor! Thank you!!”

- Gabrielle , Design 101

“Really helpful and provided a lot of insights about the industry”

- Héctor V, UX: Interaction Design

“Mike/Miguel was great! He made sure to tie in real, working experiences from his career into the sessions and gave plenty of advice on the tools/programs used in the field. His critique was detailed and consistent and he was just a joy to talk to overall. Thanks for all your help!”

- Eric L, Design 101

“I'm excited to have Mike as my mentor in my next class. Thanks for making that happen!”

- Shino T, Design 101

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