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Melissa Biever

Based in New York City

I'm an interaction design lead who has is currently focused on social change paradigms. I work and live in New York City. I have worked in enterprise, startup, media, and agency realms to design, test, and execute new product or augmentations and improvements to legacy product. I have extensive experience in UX research and design, and have developed methodologies to guide process.


Recent Work

What students say

"Melissa is a wonderful mentor. She meets every session with expertise and enthusiasm. It's been a joy working with her."

- Samantha N, UX Research & Strategy

Past Students

Kira D.

UX Research & Strategy


Zach B.

UX: Interaction Design


Dipti R.

UX Research & Strategy


Samantha N.

UX Research & Strategy


Laura A.

UX Research & Strategy


Inna V.

UX: Interaction Design


Thalia G.

UX: Interaction Design

Jersey City, NJ

Roderick S.

UX: Interaction Design