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Mashell Rodriguez

Based in Berkeley, CA

Interdisciplinary designer helping companies prototype and design digital products.

Product Designer, Founder at

Mar Creative, LLC

Recent Work

What students say

"Mashell was a GREAT mentor! I hope I get a mentor like her in UX Academy! She gave me so many great tips and resources, and explained anything I didn't understand fully. She was flexible, sweet, and extremely helpful in general. I learned a TON about visual design from her, and would definitely recommend her!"

- Trisha S, Design 101

"Mashell was a really great mentor. She always had helpful tips/tricks for my design. She is also prompt and flexible to work with. In the future, I would want Mashell as my mentor again."

- Haley C, Design 101

Past Students

Sarah .

Design 101

Mountain View, CA

Tiffany T.

Design 101


Trisha S.

Design 101

Newport Beach, CA

Rory D.

UX: Interaction Design


Les G.

Design 101


Elizabeth B.

Design 101


Haley C.

Design 101


Tina R.

UI Design