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What students say

“John has been a pleasure to work with during this course. He gives pointed, helpful feedback in a timely manner, and is always polite when getting his point across. He has encouraged me to think about many elements of the project I am working on, as well as broader aspects of the career field in general. I'm very grateful to have his perspective and advice. John's birdseye view of design work has been helpful to me, especially as I often get sucked into the details of a project, and he helps bring me back out to see the bigger picture. He has been supportive and intentional with his sessions with me and I look forward to the final sessions we have left.”

- Donia K, Branding

“John was a great mentor providing me with valuable insights into the design/ux industry and provided informative feedback on my designs. He brings a tonne of knowledge gained of many years in the industry.”

- Jay E, Design 101

“John was great and really helpful. He not only helped with the course but also helped me by sending me many other resources and with some other design concerns that I had.”

- Pooja S, Design 101

“John is a great and insightful mentor, He always provides great thought out feedback when helping me refine my designs and also answered any and all my questions regarding the ui / ux industry.”

- Chris D, UI Design

“He is a great mentor. He lets you take control of your learning. Gives great career advice. Generally just a fantastic teacher.”

- Claire B, Design 101

“John always gives very detailed feedback and practical suggestions. He always reviews my deliverables and provides feedback within a short time frame. John has been great!”

- Alexandra S, Branding

“John has been a great mentor. He guided me through the course with professional manner and passion for teaching. He was very quick on responding to my submissions and gave me great feedbacks so I could improve my work. He was good at explaining things if I didn’t understand something. He gave me many inspirations and examples. He encouraged me to keep learning and show my creativity in my own unique way. Because of the mentorship sessions, I’m now more confident and inspired.”

- Emiko Y, UI Design

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