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JJ Moi

Based in San Francisco, CA

Design Partner at Prime Movers Lab and Principal UX Designer at Tachyus. Previously at 18F and OpenGov. Clients include Google, Coke, Toyota, Mini, and various startups. Past life: art teacher, graffiti artist, capoeira practitioner, and a turtle.

Principal UX Designer at


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What students say

"JJ was a fantastic mentor! He was extremely prompt in responding to my submissions, usually he responded in much less than 24 hours. He's full of great career advice and questions to ask yourself, and he is genuinely interested in helping new designers become successful in the field."

- Stephanie H, Design 101

Past Students

Fran S.

UX Academy

Sun Prairie, WI

Kate M.

UX Research & Strategy


Chris K.

Design 101


Temesgen .

UX Academy

Santa Rosa, CA

Sasha A.

UX Academy

Nashville, TN

Leann C.

Design 101


Rebecca W.

UX Academy

Philadelphia, PA

Oluwatosin J.

Design 101


Chelsey B.

UX Academy

Austin, TX

Stephanie H.

Design 101

Phoenix, AZ