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What students say

“Jaskharan was a brilliant mentor. She gave constructive feedback and advice on my coursework, sent me useful resources to help clarify/dive deeper into specific topics and provided really insightful tips on moving into product design. I'd highly recommend her as a mentor!”

- Alicia C, UX Research & Strategy

“Jaskharan is a great mentor, she really makes you look at your assignments by taking you a few steps back and giving great suggestions on how to improve the design. I really enjoyed working with Jaskharan on this course.”

- Bhavisha P, Design 101

“I really enjoyed having Jaskharan as my mentor. She was really friendly and helpful throughout the entire course. All of the feedback I received was really constructive so each time I iterated I was able to make huge improvements. She’s been really supportive throughout the whole course and I really enjoyed all of our sessions. Thanks Jaskharan!”

- Alice W, UX: Interaction Design

“Jashkaran was a great mentor. She was friendly, flexible, and pushed me so I could get a better understanding of the material in our lessons.”

- Sally R, UX: Interaction Design

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