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Jerry Gordinier

Based in San Francisco, CA

Lead interaction designer at Augmedix. I enjoy making delightful, usable things

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Recent Work

What students say

"Jerry is fantastic! Awesome teacher and really passionate about UX design. He's been really helpful to my design work and feel lucky to have him as my teacher."

- Dana M, UX: Interaction Design

"Jerry was (and probably still is) great. He was prompt with feedback, gave great criticism and pointed me towards a lot of great books and websites."

- Corey J, Design 101 v1

"I don't have enough good things to say about Jerry–he really took my learning experience to the next level. He always gave very clear feedback, and took the extra time to break apart each assignment into sections, commenting on each of those sections in depth. It allowed me to take my projects to the next level. Jerry was definitely very knowledgable in his respective field, and he was generous in sharing real world examples of projects so that I had the ability to see how my assignments could be applied to real life situations in the workplace. The weekly 1-on-1 Skype calls were also very helpful in that he would go even more into depth about each project and how he might use the learning technique in his workflow. He also shared links and resources that would then allow me to delve farther into things. I would recommend him to anyone, and he's also one of the main reasons I would recommend DesignLab to anyone. If I decide to take more classes with DesignLab I would definitely make a request to have him as my mentor again."

- Barry M, UX Research & Strategy

Past Students

Darryl G.

UX Research & Strategy

Cleveland, Ohio

Kelly S.

UX Research & Strategy

seattle, Washington

Joseph P.

UX Research & Strategy

New York, NY

Xavier H.

UX: Interaction Design

San Francisco, CA

Monica F.

UX Research & Strategy

Brooklyn, NY

Craig W.

UX Research & Strategy

Cape Town, Western Cape

Dana M.

UX: Interaction Design

austin, tx

Holly R.

UX: Interaction Design

Saint Paul, MN

Norman K.

UX Research & Strategy


Brittany H.

UX Research & Strategy

Atascadero, CA

Corey J.

Design 101 v1

San Francisco, CA

Barry M.

UX Research & Strategy

Seattle, WA

Kyle H.

Design 101 v1

San Francisco, CA