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Based in London, UK

Freelance designer working for startups and agencies, illustrator, mentor and toy designer by night. I design with UX, Dev, SEO and Strategy in mind. Founder of Kriture where I explore new platforms and techniques. Been at OgilvyOne, lead design teams, been a Digital Nomad. Clients: Square Enix, Sony, MTV, American Express, British Gas, IBM, Land Rover etc.I am more than happy to guide you :)

Lead Digital Designer at


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What students say

"Was great to have Marcia as my mentor. I think her reviews were the most valuable things from the course. She gave quite a detailed feedback and she could spot my weak points. After the course I feel I learned a lot from her."

- Ladislav S, Design 101 v1

"Marcia was super supportive and helpful, and very knowledgeable about typography! I learned a lot. She was also generous with her time on Skype sessions and communicated very well via email between sessions too. Thanks Marcia!"

- Andrew W, Typography

"Marcia was great with giving constructive feedback and answering question that arisen during a course. She was friendly and easy to talk to. She provided great tips on software and advise on interaction design theory and given real life examples. Unfortunatley I found it hard to schedule sessions that suited us both and end up rescheduling few times."

- Marta P, UX: Interaction Design

Past Students

Pip B.

UX Research & Strategy


Whtiney S.

UX Research & Strategy


Leah W.

Design 101 v1

New York, NY

Drew D.

Design 101 v1


Emma M.

Design 101 v1


Jun Y.



Alex D.

Design 101 v1


Daniela T.

Design 101 v1


Belinda S.

Design 101 v1

Cape Town, Western Cape

Gemma G.

Design 101 v1

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Marta P.

UX: Interaction Design


Ladislav S.

Design 101 v1


Anna M.

Design 101 v1

Waterloo, ON

Andrew W.


London, London