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Gabriel Coelho

Based in São Paulo, Brazil

I have been part of the design industry for over 6 (six) years. The majority of this time I’ve spent working for companies in Silicon Valley. From Fintechs, Martechs, ONGs, and other tech companies, I helped them design and deploy digital products into the world.

Senior UX/UI Designer at


What students say

"Gabriel has been a good mentor. He's responsive, thoughtful in terms of work critique and good at listening to concerns and thought processes pertaining to the projects."

- Kristie N, UX Research & Strategy

Past Students

Kelli C.

UI Design


Evan B.

Design 101


Hisrael A.

UX Research & Strategy


Kristie N.

UX Research & Strategy

Brooklyn, New York

Kate B.

UX Research & Strategy


Ming C.

Design 101



Design 101


Lori K.

Design 101


Taylor E.

Design 101

Chantilly, VA

Melissa K.

Design 101

Denver, CO

Lanae F.

Design 101


Jyoti B.