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Fabio Cisotto

Based in Torino

I’m the Lead UX/UI Designer @Enhancers and I teach User Interface Design at the Mobile App Design course ITS, a 2-year higher degree school for future UX/UI/Interaction Designer and developers.

Lead UX/UI Designer at


What students say

"Fabio is extremely professional and has a perfect eye for design. He's really attached to any detail and, with a lot of patience, gives a lot of advice and concrete examples about his work. All the theory we learn in Designlab, we put it in practice with him with concrete and real examples. I really recommend Fabio for anyone wanting to start a UX or UI course with Designlab. I learnt a lot thanks to him."

- Nicolas H, UX Research & Strategy

Past Students

Paul .

UI Design


Cristina P.

UX Research & Strategy


Nicolas H.

UX Research & Strategy


Linnea F.

UX Research & Strategy