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Danny Zagorski

Based in Chicago, IL

I'm a Senior Product Designer @ SpotHero, a fly fisherman, and a dedicated Arsenal Gunners fan. Let's get designing!

Senior Product Designer at


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What students say

"Danny was great! He made me feel comfortable right away. Danny is highly knowledgeable on all topics covered in this course. He went above and beyond to explain comments and emailed me articles and links to really drive the points home."

- Clay H, Design 101

"Danny was an excellent mentor. He was quick to respond. His feedback was thoughtful and helpful. He asked questions to help me think through my choices. In addition, Danny pointed me towards external resources to help further my knowledge. He was encouraging and gave great suggestions for ways I can build my portfolio, get more connected in the world of UX and next steps I can take."

- Angie R, Design 101 v1

Past Students

Aaron N.

UX Academy

Diamond Bar, CA

Whitley P.

UX Academy

Austin, TX

Keisuke ".

UX Academy

Tokyo, none

Clay H.

Design 101

Concord, CA

Jon C.

UX Research & Strategy


Sean N.

Design 101 v1


Angie R.

Design 101 v1

Nashville, TN

Yoonji N.

Design 101 v1