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“Charlie was a fantastic mentor during my time in UXA Foundations. At the start of the course, I let him know that I had a pretty quick timeline for finishing, and he was very receptive to my goals throughout the course, always providing feedback in a timely manner, scheduling/holding mentor sessions at my convenience, and using his knowledge of UX/UI to further my ability and development. During the 10-hour design challenge, Charlie went above and beyond in helping me iterate on my work, knowing that my goal was to move into UX Academy. I'd highly recommend Charlie to anyone who is serious about developing skills in UX/UI, he's constructive, consistent, and always open to chatting about the latest in UX/UI if you want to geek out about what you're learning :)”

- Leander A, UX Academy Foundations

“The reason why I chose DesignLab was for its mentorships; so it's natural for me to be wary of who I was paired with. Charlie is an excellent mentor - he has a friendly persona, and I find he balances practical experience with abstract ideas well. When I speak to him, he seems very knowledgable in the industry and is very empathic to my design process. I quickly realized it's important to have good communication while not in sessions. Charlie went beyond my expectations and gave great feedback on all my projects, thought out and well written.”

- Kim K, Design 101

“We had a good time and I feel I learned many things. He gave me detailed feedback to help improve my designs, but also highlighting the positive to encourage me to keep trying and know what I was doing right. I'd definitely recommend the program and him as a mentor :)”

- Cristina M, UI Design

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