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Aaron Smith

Based in Irvine

I'm the Principal Product Designer leading a team of five designers for a tech startup based in Santa Monica, CA called Patch.

Principal Product Design at


Recent Work

What students say

"I really appreciated Aaron's willingness to coach me through the design process and answer my questions, no matter what. I started this course knowing almost nothing and I wouldn't have been able to improve as much as I did without his input. "

- Nikita Z, Design 101 v1

Past Students

Klára É.

UX Academy

BOSTON, Massachusetts

Brittney .

Design 101 v1

San Francisco, California

Nick J.

Design 101 v1

San Francisco, CA

Nikita Z.

Design 101 v1

Pittsburgh, PA

Lisa T.

Design 101 v1


Jessica L.

UX Academy


Sophie .

Design 101 v1

Herndon, Virginia

Jon T.

UX Academy

Arlington Heights, IL

Frances L.

Design 101 v1

San Francisco, CA

Eeva I.

UX Research & Strategy

Campbell, CA

Tara-lee Y.

Design 101 v1

Fredericton, NB

Jene E.

Design 101 v1

Portland, Oregon